Let’s begin,

The busier you feel your life is, the more I encourage you to sit and be still. It is a way to reset and to give yourself a much-needed break from the busyness and the chatter of your head.   I have filmed these short meditations in some of my favourite places near where I live, the sounds of nature are loud and real. If you are new to meditation, I am hoping these classes can get you started, if you are already on the path, join me in these naturally beautiful places.

5 minute sunrise meditation.

Patience, kindness and tolerance is the theme for this sunrise meditation.

5 minute meditation by the sea.

Sit for for 5 minutes with your breath and the sound of the sea.

5 minute meditation at Girramay National Park

This 5 minute meditation is an opportunity to check in with yourself amidst the incredible sounds of nature at Girramay National Park.

5 minute meditation by the sea

5 minutes of breath focused meditation by the sea.

10 minute meditation by the sea

A ten minute breath focused meditation to check in and reground yourself any time you need.

15 minute meditation at Girramay National Park

Spend 15 minutes sitting with your breath amidst the incredible sounds of nature at Girramay National Park.

Introduction to meditation.

Let's keep it simple, and most importantly find a way and find your why to find your seat.

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