Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned Yogi or a newbie, you will find a lesson or course in our library that will help you extract the most from this beautiful art. You can choose to explore the benefits, course by course and theme by theme or join in as a member and have access to everything, as well as a weekly curated course.

Chances are if you’re here, you already have some ideas about the many and varied benefits Yoga can bring to your life. If you’re here to explore some of these have a look at:


Stretch and stretch a bit more. These courses will give you ideas about how to increase your range of movement while maintaining your strength.


Hamstrings, strength and flexibility

The hamstrings attach to your pelvis and effect the way you hold your lower back. Long and strong hamstrings help to keep the lower back feeling comfortable as it travels through your every day life.


Hamstrings and pelvic rotation

This program introduces our forward bend theme and considers both the movement in the pelvis and the length of the hamstrings. We will unpack this important forward bending movement, both by lengthening the hamstrings and opening the hips.


It feels really good to connect with your strength, check out these courses to give you some ideas about how I will encourage you to be strong.


Hip strength and ROM.

This course combines passive and active work on your hips, so both strength and range of motion to support your hip joints. This combination of flexibility and strength will support an improved posture.


Backbends balance the forward flexion of everyday life.

This 5 class course, works to strengthen your back as you increase your flexibility in your both your front and back body. The combination will really help you to balance the forward flexion of your every day life.


Standing tall feels fabulous, even if you are little like me. It takes work to align and extend your spine, it’s a combination of foundation, strength and flexibility. Have a look at these courses to see how we can work on this.


Heart opening back bends.

Good posture is a combination of both strength and flexibility throughout the entire body. Backbends are the perfect balance for the forward flexion of life. This not only helps your posture but also opens your heart.


Start with the four corners of the feet.

Your posture is t determined in part by how you press your feet to the ground. In this course we work your way through the body, beginning with the four corners of the feet and continuing all the way through the legs, back, shoulders and head.


Imagine if you could be present with what was actually happening rather than be in some random place your mind has gone. You can be, but like everything it needs practice. These courses are designed to practice being present.


Cultivate balance

Balance is something you can learn to feel, beginning with the feet and working your way through the entire body. In this course we will work to shift the weight and still cultivate balance.


Where do we begin? We begin by connecting your breath with movement and strength.

This course is perfect to get started on your Yoga path or to get you going again. Staying focused with the breath, movement and core are the primary themes in this program. You will work to keep your core strong and your attention grounded, breath by breath.


It’s where we begin, it’s the anchor and the connection, and teaches us to be present. These courses will help you really feel that.


Learn to flow with your breath with sun salutations

Sun salutations, are a great way to connect with your breath while you move your body. Sun salutations will not only increase your strength and flexibility but are a great way to give your mind a rest.


Minute by Minute.

This course begins by discovering how many breaths you take in a single minute and then continues to ask you to be curious about what happens mind and body when we travel with that minute using a clock to regulate the timing of each asana.

How did you find the week on posture ?

Posture is how you sit or stand. It means your body is positioned correctly and the weight is evenly balanced so that the skeleton, muscles and ligaments aren't overstretched or strained. Good posture makes sure your spine has three curves and the muscles on each side...

What’s new ?

Every week there is a new theme, unpacking the concept with 5 individual classes. You will find these in the weekly page.

The dramatic role of nutrition in mental health


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