Inspirational talks to feed your minds positivity.

Talks from around the globe to feed your mind with positivity


Find your seat and join in with your breath in these meditation practices.

Meditation is an incredible opportunity to check in and reset, it is a time of learning to be present, one breath at a time.


Let me read to you.

Reading and listening about the wonders of Yoga sits very well with the practice. These are some of my favorite readings.

Join Me in the Kitchen

Delicious, nutritious and versatile, In my mind that is a great meal !

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Fakes soupa – My absolute favorite lentil dish.

This Greek dish is my absolute favorite lentil dish, very simple, super tasty and very nutritious.

Tofu LOVE xx

Here is my "go to" Tofu dish I use to convert "those who don't eat tofu" and a delicious and versatile sauce to eat with tofu or add to a stir fry.

Roasted Vegetable Stock

Where ever possible I like to make everything from scratch, it gives me a much clear idea of all the ingredients. You can make a big batch of this stock, it freezes really well.

Spinach Pie in my Kitchen

I grew my children on this dish, it evolved as there tastes did. It continues to be a favorite in their own houses now.

Goats Cheese Dessing… of course with greens!

It is great not to waste food. This salad dressing uses the left over delicious oil from a jar of marinated goats cheese.

Green Goddess Dressing

A great salad dressing that adds even more greens to your greens.

Arancini the long and winding path! and the final chapter.

In this lesson, we cook the Arancini until golden brown and serve with salad and a tomato and basil sauce.

The first step to Arancini… let’s start the journey together

Arancini, is not as simple as my regular meals, but well worth the effort. The first step is to make sure you have a good stock and in this lesson we make a roast vegetable stock.

Arancini part two

Step two in the Arancini path is finishing the roast vegetable stock.

Arancini part three

In this class we put together the risotto, the pumpkin and cheese filling and crumb the Arancini balls.

Mexican beans in my kitchen

The first place I ever taught Yoga was Mexico, I fell in love and loved the food... Join me in my kitchen for my VERY simple version of Mexican beans.

5 minute meditation by the sea

5 minutes of breath focused meditation by the sea.

10 minute meditation by the sea

A ten minute breath focused meditation to check in and reground yourself any time you need.

5 minute meditation by the sea.

Sit for for 5 minutes with your breath and the sound of the sea.

5 minute sunrise meditation.

Patience, kindness and tolerance is the theme for this sunrise meditation.

Introduction to meditation.

Let's keep it simple, and most importantly find a way and find your why to find your seat.

How to stop languishing and start finding flow.

Three ways to start finding your flow.

Discover your true self.

We don't respond to what happens, we respond to our perception of what happens. This subtle mind shift can change everything.

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